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ALS Real Time

ALS (Arethos Logistic System) is the ideal solution which permits your organization to contour operations of your transportation Business. ALS will enable you to submit and download ACE and ACI e -manifest directly from the Application.

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Dispatch Services

ALS Dispatch Services arranges professional dispatch services for owner operators & truckers who are tired of wasting their time & energy on cheap freight.


It is DOT-certified electronic hardware that connects to the vehicle's engine to record driving hours.


Simplified submission process for Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) and Advance Commercial Information (ACI) eManifest to customs.


Generate accurate Invoices and bills to clients.

Email & SMS Services

Instant messaging that lets drivers and fleet managers stay connected.

Mileage Calculation

Calculate real time vehicle miles with accuracy.

Fleet Management

Fleet management solutions from Bell help you optimize performance, manage fuel consumption and plan routes effectively by transforming data into actionable information.

Fuel Tax Reporting

Facility to generate IFTA fuel tax reporting.

GPS Tracking

Track vehicle location and Analyze routes with accuracy.

ALS provides FMCSA certified Electronic Logs and AOBRDs that get set up in minutes.

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ALS | ELD For Web

Support for IfTA reporting- With the use of ELD it makes
easier and automatically supports all the formalities
of IFTA. Vehicle inspection reporting- Driver inspect
the pre and post trip of truck and ELD covers all the
results of the inspection report.

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We Offer

ALS | ELD For Tablet & Mobile

Drivers daily log display- Daily log demonstrated on
the mobile application with the help of ELD which
shows daily routine activities of driver regarding
use of truck. Functionality to certify daily logs-
Authentication of daily log.

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Reducing distracted driving

Drivers follow hands-free for turn by turn directions through the use of ELD. It reduces the distracted driving, ELDs offer drivers to go in tune with directions by following hands-free.

Reporting on unsafe driving

Drivers can be informed by the information received by you for their safer behavior or for acquisition of events that occurred during an accident for liability and insurance purposes.

Reduced Fuel Costs

When drivers have ingress or approach to hands-free directions to their destination then fuel costs are reduced by waiving unnecessary turns and long routes.

Increased Driver Productivity

Drivers oust the need to fill out paper driving logs entirely with the use of ELD. Paperwork done by drivers over 20 hours per year according to FMCSA.